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May 2022


Isle of Møn Spirits

GIN MASTERCLASS - Make your own Gin

Isle of Møn Spirits

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GIN MASTERCLASS - Make your own Gin
GIN MASTERCLASS - Make your own Gin

Tid & sted

May 2022

Isle of Møn Spirits, Fanefjordgade 12, 4792 Askeby, Denmark

Om eventet

Be prepared to challenge your sense of taste and smell!

You will be introduced to how Isle of Møn Gin is made - how a "Pot Still" works, how they select the best flavoring agents from the Møn nature and which method they use to achieve just the right taste.

A wide selection of their powerful distillates will be available when you start experimenting together

up to your very own unique gin. Everything you need in terms of remedies and guidance will be available throughout the course.

4 hours  - Incl. delicious tapas dish with a beer/soda/glass of wine and a bottle of the team's own gin (25cl) and your own


You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

We will be back soon with more information and thank you for your patience!

Del denne begivenhed

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